Tom Price - Karijini Country

3-Day Self-Guided Tour in #KarijiniCountry

Day 1 - Hamersley Gorge & Spa Pool


Cheela Plains Station

Morning Coffee at Cheela Plains Station.

Drive to Summerstar Tourist Park, Tom Price [1 hour, 40mins].


Check-in at Summerstar Tourist Park (check-in is at 2pm but you can leave bags with reception).

Room Type: Marandoo Cabin – Motel style room with aircon, ensuite, microwave, gas stove, fridge, TV/DVD.


Drive to Hamersley Gorge [approx. 45mins each way]

What to pack:

Water, food, swim wear, towels, swim equipment (e.g. Pool noodle), camera, etc.

What to expect:

Class 2-3 walk

These walks are well defined with some steps and generally gradients are gentle.

Getting there:

  1. Depart town on Bingarn Road (past the fuel station, under the bridge, over the bridge for 26km). 
  2. At the T junction turn right onto the Nanutarra-Munjina Road and travel for 41km (beware a right hand turn after 21km’s says Hamersley Range and you are going to Hamersley Gorge, do not turn there).
  3. When you get to the Hamersley Gorge turn off and continue for another 10km which will take you through the Rio Tinto Gorge.   

This is a pretty drive and from time to time you will see Rock Wallabies or Kangaroos on the rock face.   

When you have finished viewing the Rio Tinto Gorge area turn around and head back to the Hamersley Gorge turn off. 

At Hamersley Gorge turn off and drive down a 5km winding road to the carpark where you will find a beautiful rock wall, great for photos.   

There are picnicking and toilet facilities at this location.

Mark Lecras and family swimming in Karijini

Hamersley Gorge – Walk down approx. 30 steps to the water.

If you have a floatation device e.g. noodle this would be a great place to use it.

Swim left down the stream between the beautiful rock walls, remembering you must swim back to exit the gorge. 

Great area for a picnic at the bottom.

Spa Pool – Approach from the top as it is safest, there is a ladder to assist your descent into the beautiful blue Spa Pool.


Depart Hamersley Gorge and retrace your steps to Tom Price.


Arrive at Tom Price and take this opportunity to have a rest.


Dine out tonight at the Tom Price Hotel Motel where there is a great range of meals and beverages on offer.


Day 2 - Hike Karijini


Check out of Tom Price Tourist Park 


Drive to Karijini Eco Retreat in Karijini National Park [approx. 1hr]


Getting there:

  1. Head South out of town past the big ruck on the Tom Price-Paraburdoo Road and follow this road for 10km.
  2. Turn left onto Karijini Drive and continue for 34km.
  3. Turn left at the Marandoo Mine, go over the railway track, and follow this road for another 6km.
  4. Turn left at Banjima Road West into the Karijini National Park.
  5. Continue for 26km.
    Note - approximately 2km in you will need to stop and purchase your Nationals Parks Pass ($11 for the vehicle) unless you have pre-purchased it online. Your pass should be displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard for the duration of your visit.
  6. When you get to the end of the sealed road continue for 3km on the unsealed road then turn right into Karijini Eco Retreat.


Drop your luggage at Karijini Eco Retreat (check-in is after 2pm). 

Prepare for a day trip to Oxer & Junction Lookouts, Hancock Gorge, Kermits Pool, Knox Gorge, Joffre Gorge and Joffre Falls/

Take this time to have a snack you have pre-prepared.

What to bring:

Good walking shoes, swim wear, towels, water, camera, etc.


Drive to Oxer & Junction Lookout [approx. 40mins]

At Junction Pool Lookout, Weano Gorge, Hancock Gorge and Red Gorge all meet at a viewing platform that is extremely spectacular.

Oxer Lookout offers breathtaking panoramic views of four amazing gorges. The lookout stands at the junction of the Joffre Gorge, Weano Gorge, Red Gorge and Hancock Gorge.


Walk down into Hancock Gorge [approx. 45mins each way]

What To Expect

Class 5 Walks: High Activity Level

These trails are difficult and a high level of fitness and agility is required.

Follow the track to Hancock Gorge, down the ladder, and through to the Amphitheatre.  From here go through the Spider Walk to Kermits Pool.

Signage along the track is minimal but there is no room for error as the track goes in one location.


Drive Oxer Lookout to Knox Gorge [approx. 45min]

Heading back to the Banjima West sealed road turn left and follow the road for approximately 2km.

Turn left and follow the road for 6km to Knox Gorge.


Stop for a spot of lunch at Knox Gorge Lookout.

There are plenty of rocks under the shady trees to stop for a bite to eat, however the closest toilet facilities are located at Karijini Eco Retreat.


Depart Knox Gorge for Joffre Gorge which is home to the spectacular Joffre Falls lookout [approx. 15mins]


At Joffre Falls Lookout take the rock steps down to view this spectacular curved waterfall.  


Depart Joffre Falls Lookout and return to the Karijini Eco Retreat for a few drinks and to watch the sunset.


A dinner reservation has been made for you at the Karijini Eco Retreat Restaurant before you retire to your glamping tent underneath the dark skies of the Pilbara.



Day 3 - Mt Bruce and Dales Gorge


Check out of Karijini Eco Retreat


Drive to Mt Bruce [approx. 45mins]

  1. Exit the Karijini Eco Retreat, turn right onto the unsealed road and follow this for 3km unsealed and 26km sealed to the Karijini National Park exit.
  2. Turn left and then right (appox 500m between turns).  Follow the unsealed road for 3km to the car park at Mt Bruce.

Have a snack to boost your energy for the trek to the top.


Walk Mt Bruce [approx. 4.5-6hrs return]

What to bring:

Good walking shoes, water (at least 1-2 litres per person), camera, etc.

What to expect:

Class 5 Walks: High Activity Level

These trails are difficult and a high level of fitness and agility is required.

Only walk as far as you feel comfortable. 


Drive to Circular Pool at Dales Gorge [approx. 30mins]

·       Exit the Mt Bruce unsealed road, turn right onto Karijini Drive and continue for 39km to the Banjima Drive East entrance.

·       Your park pass should still be displayed on your vehicle.


Park at the Circular Pools day use area. 

What to expect:

Class 2 Walk - These walks are well defined with some steps and generally gradients are gentle

Walk to the Circular Pool Lookout (approx. 100m from carpark) and enjoy the views of White-barked Snappy Gums and Native cypress. 

Follow the track to the right for approx. 150m to and 3 Ways where the 3 forks of Dales Gorge flow to Circular Pool and Fortescue Falls.  


 Drive to Fortescue Falls [approx. 15mins]

What to bring:

Food, drinks, good walking shoes, bathers & towel, camera, etc.

What to expect:

Class 3-4 Walks  

3 – Trails are defined and may include steps; loose surfaces; uneven ground and short, steep sections. 

4 – Trails are moderately difficult and over variable surfaces.


Walk down the structured steps (with handrails and seating) into Fortescue Falls [approx. 1hr return]

Fortescue Falls

Fortescue Falls – Walk down approx. 300 structured steps with handrails and seating along the way.  Climb down the rocks to get to the water.

Enjoy your lunch by the falls.

Fern Pool

Fern Pool – Bearing right at the base of the steps walk about 300 steps to Fern Pool.


Drive to the Karijini Visitor Centre approximately 10km from Fortescue Falls, signposted. 


Drive to Cheela Plains Station

Once you have exited the Karijini National Park, via the Banjima Dr East, turn right and follow the signs back to Tom Price and continue on to Cheela Plains Station.


Check-in at Cheela Plains Station


Enjoy the wonderful Cheela Plains Station restaurant for dinner and drinks.


Thank you for visiting Tom Price, Karijini Country 

Should you require further information or bookings please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff.