CONFIRMED estuarine (saltwater) crocodile sighting, Friday 7 June 2024

Published on Friday, 7 June 2024 at 4:18:51 PM

CONFIRMED estuarine (saltwater) crocodile sighting today at 8am, Friday 7 June 2024.
A crocodile approximately three-metres-long was sighted between 3 Mile and 5 Mile free camps on the Ashburton River near Onslow in the Pilbara.
North-west WA is crocodile country. While not as common in the Pilbara, crocodiles do move around and may visit the area.
Crocodile warning signs have been erected and DBCA staff are working with Chevron Sea Rangers to monitor the crocodile's location and behaviour.
People in the area are urged to be vigilant.
Your safety is your responsibility, always BE CROCWISE in the Pilbara.
Please report any crocodile sightings to DBCA Parks and Wildlife Service Karratha office on (08) 9182 2000.

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