Explore Karijini’s unmissable gorges for a refreshing escape from the arid plains.


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Walk trail distances, times and classifications have been sourced from the Parks and Wildlife Service website and Walking Trail Classification System.

Mount Bruce

Mount Bruce

Punurrunha Summit

9 km | Full Day | Class 5

Known as Punurrunha by the Banjima People, the Traditional Custodians, this Grade 5 trail explores the second-highest mountain in Western Australia. Standing at 1,235 metres, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Hamersley Range and Marandoo Mine Site, providing a unique perspective on the WA resource industry.

The moderately steep trail follows a marked path along the ridge with a few challenging rocky climbs. It is recommended to undertake this hike early in the morning.

Marandoo View

500 m | 30 mins | Class 2

Follow the path from the Mount Bruce parking area to view the Marandoo iron ore mine site.

Hamersley Gorge

Gorge Walk to Spa Pool

1 km | 1-3 hrs | Class 4/5

This is a dramatic gorge, full of colour texture and reflections. Spa Pool (access is Class 5), is an breathtaking spot for a swim. Hamersley Gorge is in the north-west of Karijini, further afield than the other gorges. Swirls of rock sweep down through the gorge and waterfalls rush into tranquil pools. Accessible via a sealed road, there is also a lookout, toilets and various infrastructure items

Joffre Falls

1.5 km | 2 hrs | Class 5

From the Joffre Falls lookout on the west side of the gorge, take in the full beauty of the stunning Joffre Gorge and stand in awe of its scale. The spectacular curved waterfall creates the shape of a natural amphitheatre with water cascading down the cliff face over natural steps to the dark, inviting pool. Following rain, you will witness, the rushing white water tumbling over smooth rock further into the gorge. Most of the Joffre Falls trail is class 4 (moderately difficult) with the last 150 metres descent via ladders into the gorge class 5 (difficult, a high level of fitness is required).

Kalamina Gorge

3 km | 3 hrs | Class 4

Descend a steep track to reach the base of the gorge at Kalamina Gorge, where a small permanent pool and waterfall await. Follow the trail downstream past rock pools and beautiful rock walls into the main gorge where you will find the reflection pool and rock arch. Ideal for a short walk and picnicking, Kalamina Gorge offers a delightful introduction to the gorge system.

Knox Gorge

3 km | 2 hrs | Class 5

Knox Gorge, a geological wonder millions of years in the making, offers a deeply fascinating chasm. Visit the lookout in the late afternoon or early morning to experience the enhanced beauty of this spectacular panorama under the slanting sun rays.

Weano Recreation Area

Upper Weano Gorge

1 km | 45 min | Class 4

From the Weano car park follow the formed trail for 450m before descending the slope to the valley floor. Make your way along the bottom of the gorge until you reach a large pool, popular for swimming. Take a break before climbing the steps up out of the gorge to reach the Oxer and Junction Pool lookouts trail.

Handrail Pool

1.2 km | 1-2 hrs | Class 5

The 1.2km return Handrail Pool trail in Weano Gorge begins as an easy walk but becomes challenging, involving climbing down steep cliffs and narrow passages.

Oxer Lookout

800 m | 30 min | Class 3

Oxer Lookout is a great starting point for seeing the gorges in one sweeping view. It features an astounding view over the Weano Gorge.

Hancock Gorge, Kermits Pool

1.5 km | Half Day | Class 5

The exhilarating descent into Hancock Gorge has been described as a “journey to the centre of the earth”. After climbing down a ladder, you wander further into the gorge which then narrows into a huge chamber with small rock pools and marbled walls. Caution must be taken when entering Hancock Gorge via the ladder. Once inside, visitors can choose to venture to the end of the trail by performing a “spider walk”, where you stretch your arms and legs out to straddle the gaps and move along the walls.

Dales Gorge - Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls

3.5 km | Half Day | Class 3/4

This loop trail in Karijini National Park connects the Gorge Rim Walk to Dales Gorge Walk Trail. The Gorge Rim Walk offers stunning views along Dales Gorge, leading to Three Ways and Circular Pool Lookouts. Descend into the gorge, follow the Dales Gorge Trail to Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool, and then climb back up to the Fortescue Falls car park.