We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land Onslow is situated on, the Thalanyji people.

Located on the breathtaking north western Australian coastline, Onslow is renowned for its fishing opportunities and laid-back lifestyle. It’s conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking Mackerel Islands.

As you drive into town you will pass over the eye-catching salt evaporation ponds which cover 87 square kilometres.
In 2023, the town joined the thriving regional art scene, featuring two captivating murals by Jerome Davenport adorning the town’s water tanks. These beautiful works of art capture the essence of what makes Onslow a uniquely special place to live.

Established at the mouth of the Ashburton River, Onslow was originally a hub for exporting sheep, wool, and pearl shell from the Pilbara. However, due to challenges such as bad weather and river silting, the town, founded in 1885, relocated 18 kilometres up the coast in 1925 to its present location near Beadon Creek.

The history of Onslow begins in ‘Old Onslow,’ where remnants like the stone gaol, courthouse, police station, and parts of the refurbished cemetery offer a glimpse into the past. Visiting Onslow provides tourists with endless opportunities to explore both the new and the old.


ANZAC Memorial Park

As the sun rises on ANZAC Day, you can watch it shine through the Diggers badge arch. A must see.

Ian Blair Memorial Boardwalk (1km)

A popular boardwalk, winding through natural vegetation beginning at Memorial Park and ending at Sunset Beach.

Onslow Visitor Centre & Good Shed Museum

Located on Second Avenue in Onslow, the Onslow Visitor Centre and is closed from 15 December to 31 March.

Neil &  Judy Baker Shell Museum

Accumulated for over 60 years, most of the shells have been collected from the waters and islands surrounding Onslow. Those wishing to visit the museum can visit on Saturdays, or through the Hidden Secrets Tour run by the Onslow Visitor Centre.

Heritage Trail

A leisurely stroll that provides insight into the town’s history. Heritage trail maps for a self-guided walk around the old townsite are available from the Onslow Visitor Centre and Good Shed Museum.


As a recreational fishing and mud crabbing town, Onslow is a renowned hot spot for fishing fanatics and weekend warriors alike. Sunrise and Sunset Beach are great places to start as two of the most popular fishing destinations. Sunrise Beach has a boat ramp and is a great place to swim and snorkel. Sunset Beach offers a shaded picnic area and fish cleaning facilities.

Other options include fishing from the wharf at Beadon Creek, Four Mile Creek, Ashburton River, Three Mile and Five Mile pools that all have beautiful fishing spots along with bush camping facilities on the banks allowing you to spend time fishing, camping, bushwalking and swimming!

Onslow Skate Park

Onslow Skate Park

The Onslow Skate Park is designed to cater to all ages and skill levels. A perfect stop for families, the skate park includes an outdoor ping pong table, art features, hopscotch and foursquare courts.

Onslow Community Garden

Evolving from humble beginnings as a school garden, the Onslow Community Garden today thrives as a place for residents and visitors to share the pleasure of outdoor activity, wholesome food, arts and craft and community spirit.

Spray Park & Swimming Pool

Needing to cool off? Check out the beautiful facilities at the Onslow Aquatic Centre, open September-May or the Onslow Spray Park, open year.

Water Tank Murals by Jerome Davenport

In 2023, the town joined the thriving regional art scene, featuring two captivating murals by Jerome Davenport adorning the town’s water tanks. These beautiful works of art capture the essence of what makes Onslow a uniquely special place to live.

Onslow Salt

Spanning over 90 square kilometres, the Onslow Salt facility processes, stores, and exports approximately 2.5 million tonnes of sodium chloride each year. The impressive salt jetty, extending nearly 1.3 kilometres, is a prominent feature at Sunset Beach. There is a salt pile overlook on Back Beach Road, half way to 4 Mile Creek.

Chevron Wheatstone Project

The Chevron Wheatstone Project is located 12km west of Onslow, near Old Onslow, and is one of Australia’s largest resource developments. Accessible only via a guided tour.


Major Events


ANZAC Day Service

The ANZAC Day service in the Shire of Ashburton stands out as one of the most distinctive in Australia. The sunrise filtering through the ANZAC memorial adds a truly awe-inspiring and emotional dimension to the event.

April to October

Staircase to the Moon

Onslow is one of the best places in WA to view this beautiful, optical phenomenon when the full moon rises across exposed tidal flats, creating the impression of a staircase leading to the moon.

March to September

Fishing Tournaments
The Mack10K stands out among the numerous fishing tournaments on the yearly calendar, drawing nearly 100 boats annually. With generous prize money sponsored by local businesses, this event is skilfully organised by the Ashburton Anglers, the local fishing club.


Passion of the Pilbara Festival

Held every second year, this is a celebration of life in the Pilbara. The 2-day festival offers locals a taste of big-city fun with entertainment, rides and more!


Onslow Rodeo

A highlight on the local calendar, the Onslow Rodeo is a major event that takes place every August, drawing talented riders from both near and far.

The Islands

Mackerel Islands

Comprises ten islands situated 22kms offshore from Onslow, with two of the islands welcoming guests (Thevenard & Direction Island). The islands offer a fishing and snorkelling paradise and a largely untouched maritime experience. An ideal family holiday setting.

Montebello Islands

Montebello Islands are situated approximately 75 nautical miles north of Onslow, off the West Australian coast. Trips are seasonal and not available year-round. With over 100 small islands in the group, they are surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, ideal for fishing, snorkelling and swimming.

How to get to Onslow


Onslow is located 80km from the North West Coastal Highway, approximately halfway between Exmouth and Karratha.

There are two fuel stations in Onslow and facilities to refill water and waste dump points.

Flying - Perth to Onslow

The Onslow Airport is a full service commercial airport with multiple flight per week direct to Perth with both Virgin Australia and Qantas.

Onslow enjoys good weather all year round and is one of the few places in Australia where the sun rises and sets over the water.